VitalHealth Software was founded in 2006 by the Mayo Clinic and the Noaber Foundation in the Netherlands to cloud-based eHealth solutions with emphasis on solutions for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, CHF, depression, cancer and alzheimer's. Headquartered in the Netherlands, it has offices in the US, India and Germany.

VitalHealth is an EHR application which was designed following extensive research by the Mayo Clinic. It is primarily aimed at smaller specialized practices and can be easily configured, tailored and expanded to match the specific practice type and match workflow needs typically demanded by specialty practices.

VitalHealth EHR offers patient specific health alerts, treatment recommendations and preventive service reminders. The decision support rules engine allows practice level tailoring of rules to match individual practice needs and preferences.

A web-based application, VitalHealth EHR can be integrated with several other applications including QuestLink, a patient engagement product that integrates with EMRs or other clinical systems; CHM, a cloud-based patient care platform for Accountable Care Organizations or HIEs; and VitalHealth, a modelling and development environment for creating cloud based healthcare applications.

VitalHealth EHR is cloud based because smaller practices usually cannot afford the large upfront costs that come with the setup and ongoing support of local server hardware. VitalHealth EHR can be used on any desktop computer as well as smartphones and tablets.

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