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  • ea1d048eba92-ReliMed Logo w tag High Res

    ReLi Med Solutions

    ReLi Med Solutions was created to aid healthcare offices to move towards automation and leave paper methods behind. Once g... View profile

  • Modernizing Medicine EHR Logo

    Modernizing Medicine

    Modernizing Medicine has more than 15 physicians and doctors on its staff actively liaising with the healthcare sector and... View profile

  • drchrono EHR Vendor Logo


    Founded in 2009, drchrono is based in California and provides medical platforms used by patients and practitioners around ... View profile

  • MedEZ EHR Software Logo 1

    Integrated Software Solutions

    Integrated Software Solutions was founded in 1995, headquartered in Florida, the company provides health IT services for b... View profile

  • CareCloud EHR Vendor Logo


    CareCloud has been featured by Forbes, Inc.500, TechCrunch, CNNMoney and others as a leading provider of EHR solutions for... View profile

  • Henry Schein EHR Vendor Logo

    Henry Schein

    Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the largest providers of health care products and services to dental, anima... View profile

  • Sevocity EHR logo


    Sevocity provides health IT systems to practices across a wide range of disciplines. Their EHR software is used across pra... View profile

  • Kareo Logo


    Headquartered in Irvine, California, Kareo was founded in 2004 and has offices in Las Vegas and Indianapolis. Kareo suppl... View profile

  • ChartLogic EHR Vendor Logo


    ChartLogic is a health IT software provider that was established in 1994. The company is founded and still headquartered i... View profile

  • AdvancedMD Vendor Logo


    AdvancedMD, previously ADP AdvancedMD, is an EHR provider owned by Marlin Equity Partners, trading as a standalone company... View profile

  • CureMD EHR Logo


    New York-based CureMD is a privately held health information management company providing EHR systems and services. As of ... View profile

  • eClinicalWorks


    eClinicalWorks currently serves healthcare professionals across all U.S. states. These users include Southeastern Health, ... View profile

  • e-mds ehr software logo


    Founded in 1996 by a group of family practitioners in Austin, Texas, e-MDs developed an EHR system for an ambulatory offic... View profile

  • Aprima


    Aprima provides EHR solutions to ambulatory healthcare providers across a number of disciplines, including general practic... View profile

  • Flatiron EHR Logo

    Flatiron Health

    Flatiron was founded in 2012 by Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg after they witnessed several family members and friends fight... View profile

  • EyeMd EMR Vendor Logo


    EyeMD was set up in Florida in 1998 specializing in healthcare systems before recognizing a growing need for specialized o... View profile

  • 1st providers choice no tag

    1st Providers Choice

    1st Providers Choice was set up in 1983 and was developed by a private company of the same name operating out of headquart... View profile

  • visonex logo


    Visonex is based in Wisconsin where it was launched in 2004 by John Hartman who worked for six years in dialysis. It now e... View profile

  • Epic EHR Logo


    Epic provides cloud-based EHR solutions to a wide range of healthcare practices, including community hospitals, independen... View profile

  • Prime Clinical EHR Logo

    Prime Clinical Systems

    Founded in 1983, Prime Clinical Systems aims to provide software to manage and organize medical professional solutions for... View profile