The ultimate list of ONC meaningful use resources

Considering the wealth of information available, it can be difficult to decipher reliable and relevant EHR recommendations from information that often aims to push you toward an EHR purchase rather than making the best of the technology you have in place...

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has provided excellent resources for practices looking to become a meaningful user of EHR, through their website In addition, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has also created excellent resources. The following websites are excellent starting places to successfully meet the requirements for meaningful use:

Meaningful use resource 1: Overview of meaningful use and EHR incentive payments

This page from CMS offers basic information about the EHR Incentive Program and the definition of meaningful use. It provides basic information about the process of meeting needed requirements with PDF tip sheets for providers. This is a great starting point when beginning your journey to meeting meaningful use in your practice.

Meaningful use resource 2: Details of meaningful use

This page from provides a general overview of meaningful use as well as many useful resources for further information including frequently asked questions and EHR Incentive Payment schedules.

Meaningful use resource 3: ONC health IT certification program

This website offers information regarding Health IT certification as well as the process for obtaining this certification. It offers a nice visual representation of the process through a detailed flow sheet.

Recommended Reading: EHR Vendor Guide - Find an EHR vendor meeting meaningful use requirements

Meaningful use resource 4: Detailed overview of meaningful use and EHR incentive payments

This thorough yet easy to follow presentation from CMS explains the EHR Incentive Program and requirements and process for achieving meaningful use. This would be an excellent presentation to present to the EHR selection committee and board members of the practice when explaining this process.

Meaningful use resource 5: Taking the first steps toward EHR implementation

This webpage offers detailed guidelines for the reasons behind implementing EHR into your practice as well as the basic steps to get there. It offers suggestions for analyzing your practice, planning the process and selecting your vendor. In addition, the site offers suggestions for training and implementation, attaining meaningful use, and ongoing quality improvement. This is a great website to get the broader picture of EHR implementation.

Meaningful use resource 6: How to attain meaningful use

This webpage offers specific information about attaining meaningful use, with more information than the basic definition. It reviews the proper steps and timeline for attaining MU. In addition, it offers a link for demonstrating MU through your local Regional Extension Center (REC).

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