Small practice EHRs that aren’t Epic

Small practices shopping for EHR products will find that they are not without an ample number of choices. When compared to other user markets, small practices enjoy one of the more competitive arrays of products. The wealth of options available to small practices  

Given the size and diversity of the small practice EHR market, selection teams examining their options will find that there are several viable products available to them beyond the large players in the marketplace. Traditionally Epic and Cerner have occupied a large segment of the small practice EHR market. However, there is an ample supply of products offered by vendors not named Epic and Cerner. The following products mentioned here represent a sample of the EHR products small practices should consider.    


Kareo is a leader in the small practice space offering cloud-based clinical and practice management software. The company’s software was recognized as a “Best in KLAS” small practice ambulatory EMR/PM for 2021 by the KLAS research firm.  Its current EHR/PM product offers scalability for small practices who may be expanding. Further, the dashboard-based software interface allows users to perform charting on a single window eliminating the need for using multiple tabs. In addition to its streamlined interface the software allows for the automation of common tasks, thus making workflows more efficient.  

In addition to the dashboard Kareo provides a mobile optimized patient portal containing common patient engagement features. One of the more intriguing features in the Kareo system involves the app’s built-in video-conferencing option which allows patients to meet remotely with their provider.


drchrono offers a web and mobile-based, integrated EHR, practice management, medical billing platform. drchrono has positioned itself as a front runner in the mobile EHR space earning being voted as the top mobile EHR as voted by Black Book 9 years in a row. 

The platform offers features on par with its competitors. However, drchrono excels in product design by offering a flexible and user-friendly interface. One of the value propositions offered by Dr. Chrono rests in its ease of use from a user interface perspective. Clinical notes appear in a single window, eliminating the need to click through tabs or navigate between windows. 

Among all small practice EHR and practice management offerings drchrono offers one of the more budget friendly solutions allowing customers to choose from multiple pricing levels to suit individual needs. Further, the company appears to be making a strong play into the virtual health field. In June 2021 drchrono recently raised $12 million in capital to expand its remote healthcare capabilities to improve and expand on its telemedicine capabilities. 

Greenway Health

Greenway Health offers an integrated practice management software and EHR solution system. Both EHR and practice management solutions can be customized to optimize workflows. Intergy, Greenway’s EHR/PM solution provides customers with a standard set of features that allow practices to customize the software in a number of ways to optimize their workflows. 

Much like drchrono, Greenway has sought to strengthen its virtual health offerings.  In December 2020 Greenway announced that it was launching an enhanced telehealth solution in conjunction with Amazon Web Services. The telehealth service named  Greenway Telehealth offers enhanced virtual care, featuring high-quality audio and video and an intuitive scheduling feature for patients. 

In light of the pandemic, small practices have likely found themselves trying to reconcile the new financial and clinical realities. For small practices that operate on thin margins and have been forced to navigate the pandemic reality and plan for beyond choosing a small practice EHR suited to meet these unique needs can offer a way to meet this uncertainty. 

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