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The aim of Carelogic is a single behavioral health record for every client. This gives staff instant access to important patient data and financial information. It is used by a number of different specialities within the mental and behavioral sector including psychiatry, psychology, counselling, therapy and substance abuse.

Available as a standalone EHR system, Carelogic can also include a financial add-on which provides complete practice management functions for monitoring and managing claims plus other financial aspects of a practice including automatic billing and claims. Real-time reporting means that practice administrators and executives can view instant assessments of financial, operational and clinical performance.

With a monthly subscription plan, Carelogic can be implemented and staff trained quickly. It is a web-based system with users able to access the solution from anywhere. The system generates alerts in the event that documentation is missing or incorrect information has been entered to avoid duplicate billing work by administration staff. Full productivity and performance data is captured and presented to supervisors to allow them to monitor the financial and operational performance of a clinic.

Qualifacts was developed in the 1990s. It now provides healthcare solutions to more than 40,000 clinicians and other staff at 240 healthcare organizations with more than 1,000,000 patients. It is based in Nashville.

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