Three orthopedic-specific EHRs for your vendor shortlist

A large number of orthopedic practices are in either multi-doctor specialty groups or solo practices. Given the fact orthopedists overwhelmingly practice independently rather than in a hospital system, orthopedists will possess more freedom to select an orthopedic-specific product that meets the needs of their practice.

What EHR features an orthopedic practice need will vary depending on whether specialty orthopedic services are being offered or the practice’s patient-base is unique. However, an orthopedic EHR should at a minimum be able to offer functionality similar to multi-specialty EHRs with an eye toward the unique needs of orthopedic practices.  The following is a list of three orthopedic EHR systems that meet these needs.

1. Exscribe Orthopedic EHR

Exscribe EHR, a cloud-based system, was the first fully-featured orthopedic EHR designed as a “lean” EHR that does not contain superfluous information and functionality not specific to orthopedic practices.

Although the system does not contain a vast array of functionally, beyond what is clinically needed, the Exscribe EHR does allow for seamless integration with add-ons such as PACS, fax and e-prescribing, revenue cycle management, practice management and a patient portal.

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One of the value points in this system rests in its ability to fit into existing workflows or make workflows more efficient without extensive customization and content development. This adheres to their the goal of being attuned to how orthopedic practices work daily. For example, the system contains a knowledge base that enables the creation of customizable “one click” treatment plans, orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education and referral letters and much more.

2. Modernizing Medicine's Orthopedic EHR

Modernizing Medicine's orthopedic EHR is a cloud-based system offering a suite of orthopedic EHR features including documentation, inputting orders for MRI’s and prescriptions alongside practice management and revenue cycle management.

The system also provides compatibility with mobile devices featuring a touch-based interface which allows clinicians to scribe notes and rely on a tap-based navigation.  The system also features the ability to automate forms, billing information, generate patient education and e-Prescribe.

One of a unique features in this system relates to its ability to provide practices with a MIPS scorecard, real-time peer benchmarking, automated reporting allowing providers to track their performance under the newly implemented merit-based reimbursement program through CMS.

3. ChartLogic for Orthopedics

ChartLogic’s cloud-based EHR solution for orthopedic practice offers a full suite of EHR features including practice management, medical billing services, e-prescribing and a patient portal. One of the system's main selling points rests in its integrated voice dictation system which employs a proprietary system that integrates voice recognition into the electronic charting process.

The system also features orthopedic-specific templates and flow sheets which allow for customizable content and the ability to tailor workflows accordingly. Most important to time-pressed clinicians ChartLogic boasts that its system allows for the creation of patient notes in less than 90 seconds by eliminating extraneous clicking and pull-down boxes by featuring a complete patient note on a single screen.

The array of orthopedic-specific EHR products on the market today provides a significantly greater wealth of options from which a practice can choose from. Accordingly, orthopedists no longer need to shoehorn a multi-specialty EHR into their practice, instead, can rely on a wealth of orthopedic specific tools found in these EHRs to improve their practice’s performance.

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