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OmniMD is an EHR and practice management software suite distributed by Integrated Systems Management. Designed by doctors, it's marketed as particularly intuitive for medical professionals and does not need extensive training.

The software offers lab integration, procedure workflows and narrative reports. It can be tailored for specific specialties, with templates for all of the major disciplines already built in. OmniMD is used primarily in gynecology, podiatry, urology and pediatric practices.

Available as both cloud and on-site based, the system can be run on both Windows and Macs and is available for use through any internet-connected device including tablets and smartphones.

The software includes patient portal, intake forms, health alerts, patient education, online registration, online appointment requests, repeat prescriptions, medical records review and medical kiosks. It provides instant updates, reliable access and the ability to connect with other systems in laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals at a lower cost than client-server application. Although it does not come with billing built in, it can be integrated with Integrated Systems Management's billing services applications.

The OmniMD system requires minimal deployment and training time and can be installed and in use at a practice within a matter of days. Full support is provided by a US-based team.

OmniMD is a division of Integrated Systems Management Inc, which has been operating since 1989. Offering practice management and medical billing software as well as EHR applications, OmniMD is in use in more than 12,000 practices across the United States.

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