Office Practicum


Office Practicum is an integrated EHR and practice management suite designed and marketed by Connexin Software. Offering appointment scheduling, clinical document management, comprehensive examination room functionality and patient billing, Office Practicum is primarily used in pediatric practices.

Much of the system is designed for use in the treatment of children and the management of childhood ailments. It includes several custom growth chart options including Down's Syndrome and preemie-specific growth curves.

Office Practicum also has a series of pre-designed templates for school and camp forms with more than 175 specifically designed for "sick visits". Practice professionals and medical staff can keep track of a patient's progress and the system will offer prompts for vaccine forecasting, allowing physicians to schedule appointments well in advance. The system also offers pediatric developmental assessments, surveys, and disease-specific action plans.

The software is available both as a desktop application and a browser-based app. It runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

Office Practicum was designed in 1992 by a combined team of programmers and pediatricians at Visual Data, LLC, in New York. It initially focused on software solutions for pediatricians and pediatric offices.

In 2007, Visual Data merged with Anderson Financial Systems (AFS), to form Connexin Software, Inc., the present home of Office Practicum. While it continues to be used by thousands of pediatric practices across the US, it is also in use at family medicine and related practices.

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