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    ICANotes is a behavioral health EHR system accessed via a web-based platform. The EHR system was designed for use by me... View profile

ICANotes is an EHR system used by more than 8,000 mental healthcare providers including psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, nurse practitioners, group therapists and other mental health and behavioral health clinicians. The EHR solution, being used in hospitals, clinics plus individual and group practices is suited for all practice sizes.

The system is operated via a button-driven interface which is designed to allow healthcare staff to create more detailed patient documentation in as short a time as possible.

Using ICANotes, behavioral health clinicians are able to create mental health progress notes and clinical reports without having to type or dictate. It is web-based and OS agnostic; meaning that anybody can use it anywhere no matter what the device.

Hundreds of formatted buttons are arranged in clinically logical ways so that staff can quickly create and tailor mental health notes and reports. ICANotes automatically determines the most effective billable coding level for each patient, meaning that the practice can bill at a profitable level.

Every ICANotes user is encouraged to engage in its feedback forums where feature requests are considered by the company’s clinical director and a psychiatrist and, if approved, turned around in as little as two weeks.

ICANotes was set up in the early 2000s and is based in Annapolis, Maryland.

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