5 key stakeholders in your EHR selection

When selecting an EHR system for your practice, it is important to address the needs and concerns of the entire practice.

Successful selection will depend on finding an appropriate balance of the needs of the practice team, while meeting all legal and ethical guidelines for billing and documentation.

In order to achieve this balance, each practice must identify the key stakeholders who will shape the EHR selection project.

1. Clinicians

Your nurses, physicians, therapists, case managers and other clinical staff will be using the EHR system frequently and extensively. The system should be relatively easy to use and the input of data should be intuitive and completed in an order that makes sense and follows the natural progression of patient care.

Identify your EHR stakeholders and select the system that suits their needs with this EHR selection checklist

It is important to allow several clinicians to test the system before purchasing and include at least one clinician representative on the selection team. Your clinician buy-in will increase exponentially if they feel that their needs are being met in your EHR selection.

2. Office manager/office staff

The front office staff and/or office manager are important stakeholders in the EHR selection process because they are responsible for inputting the demographic, billing and contact information of all the patients that will be coming through your practice.

It is important that office staff have a system that allows for easy and complete input of this important information. Excluding these individuals from your EHR selection - and the associated drop off in adoption - will cause the practice to lose revenue due to incorrect patient information and billing data.

3. Billing team/head of billing

The billing department is essential to your EHR selection process because without the billing department, your practice will not get paid. The department will need a system that integrates well with existing billing systems, or provides a new billing system in which claims can be processed efficiently and correctly.

4. Board members/administration

The administration and board members of the practice will be essential stakeholders because they will make important financial and operational decisions regarding the EHR project. Their input is important and highly valued. They should be shown that the new system will be an investment, and that the cheapest EHR option is not always the best.


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5. Marketing team

Although it may seem surprising, the marketing team can be greatly affected by an EHR selection. Some EHR systems have excellent features such as automatic scheduling, appointment reminders or online patient portals that improve patient/physician communication. These features are great marketing opportunities that the your team should be aware of and promoting extensively.

These stakeholders add value to an EHR selection because the medical practice is comprised of so much more than just patient care. These individuals will help to create a thorough analysis of your practice needs. If you do not consult these team members, your EHR selection project will commence in the worst possible fashion.

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Amy Vant

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Amy Vant is a doctor of physical therapy and clinical director for an outpatient physical therapy clinic in the United States. She has experience utilizing and implementing many forms of medical documentation through various healthcare practice venues. Amy enjoys writing about healthcare administration strategies, including electronic health record systems.

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Amy Vant

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