Four mental health EHRs for your selection shortlist

Mental health EHR software straddles two different universes.

On one side many features mental health EHRs display are present in nearly every general purpose EHR. However, mental health EHRs also displays a number of features unique to this particular type of practice.

Although many general EHRs are advertised as functional, with certain modifications, for mental health practices, the consensus among consumers in this area is that specialty EHRs that can offer mental health specific features are superior regarding their ability to offer value to mental practices.

The products reviewed below represent a sample of the some of the mental health specific EHR products that mental health practices should place on their selection shortlist due to their design and ability to cater to this specific market.

1. Valant

Valant offers a cloud-based, elastic and scalable EHR that employs a mobile app-inspired experience.

Valant’s value proposition in the mental health EHR market rests on its ability to offer a user-friendly interface that mimics the presentation of smartphones and a set of features that allows users to collect, analyze and prepare reports based on clinical and practice data. The reports generated by Valant can be visualized in real-time examine business and clinical performance.

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Another interesting feature that sets this product off from others in the market is that Valant allows practices to choose workflows from a content library full of Evidence-Based Practices provided by Valant.


PIMSY offers an integrated EHR and practice management system software, designed by and created for mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse providers. The integrated EHR and practice management system software offers highly customizable forms templates and workflow while also offering integrated functions for billing, scheduling, payroll, and patient check-in.

One of the more intriguing features offed by PIMSY is its global export options, and FTP admittance in that practices can still maintain access to their data stored in PIMSY’s cloud even if they stop using the PIMSY service.

3. Therapynotes

Therapynotes offers a web-based mental health EHR and practice management software, which includes standard mental health EHR features patient portal, patient scheduling, and billing features. With the features available in this service, mental health practices can manage the entire workflow of clinicians from scheduling, intake, billing and claim submission.

4. TheraNest Mental Health

Theranest offers a cloud-based EHR software with a solid set of features that provide for both standard health records and flexibility to allow treatment and therapy notes to be integrated into clinical records. On the practice management side of the product, Theranest allows for payment processing, scheduling a patient portal and a suite of analytics features including referral reports, retention rates, billing reports and more.

The products in the mental health EHR market have improved dramatically in their capabilities beyond simply offering EHR features, but also integrating practice management functionality, as well. In addition to offering an all-in-one product mental health EHRs have also focused on making their products user-friendly and highly customizable, which is a strong value proposition in the wide range of services mental health practices offer.

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