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    Medios EHR is an entirely cloud-based electronic health records application designed for private practices.

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IOS Health Systems' IOS Medios EHR is a electronic health records application designed for private practices. It can be tailored to individual healthcare settings through a number of integrations with third party application.

The system can communicate with other IOS Media installations in other practices through secure email and internet portals, allowing health professionals to share patient and clinical information. A further feature is messaging between offices as well as SMS functionality.

The system features a module which alerts patients that they have been recalled by a specialist and includes disease management modules that can give an overview of diseases and conditions across local or wider populations. E-prescribing and drug interaction reports and warnings are built in.

Entirely web-based, the system can be access from any smartphone or tablet at any time and includes a patient portal giving access to personal information and treatment history

IOS Health Systems was founded more than 25 years ago to provide practical technology for the private healthcare sector. The company is based in Miami, Florida.

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