Infor launches two new software services for the healthcare sector

Business software company Infor has launched Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite 6.2 and Infor Services Healthcare, two new healthcare services for improving the handling and transfer of data.

Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite 6.2 is the company’s latest edition of its healthcare-focused software, allowing for the secure transfer of data from one system to another, both internally and externally.

According to Infor, the software will help healthcare clients, from providers to vendors, move faster to adopt the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) interoperability standard.

The software supports most interoperability standards for healthcare: HL7 FHIR, Web Services (REST, SOAP), IHE, Direct, JDBC, HL7v 2.x, X12, NCPDP, and CCDA. The encryption has been upgraded to transport layer security (TLS).

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The release features the Infor Cloverleaf Wizard, a tool designed for “less technical staff” to build interfaces and on-board trading partners.

“Infor continues to invest in modern, cloud-based applications that specifically meet these fluctuating demands, including Infor Cloverleaf, which enables hospitals and health systems to expedite interoperability for maximum data transparency,” said Jerry Rankin, director of industry and solution strategy for Infor Healthcare.

Infor Services Healthcare meanwhile is a solution to assist Infor customers in the healthcare space for making the transition to cloud-based technologies.

Customers receive a deployment and optimisation plan that is regularly updated to measure their use of the software and how effectively it is running. Some of these features include tailored training programs and virtual workshops while Infor and its in-house design agency Hook & Loop will monitor performance testing.

With regulations changing regularly, the need to handle patient data more efficiently is becoming even more demanding and requires support, according to Jeff Uliano, general manager of Infor Services Healthcare.

“Working with our partners and holding ourselves accountable for our customers’ success is essential,” he said. “We are providing a number of essential services including value engineering, training and education, change management, digitalization transformation, rapid deployment, and continuous optimization. Our customer’s journey and their experience is our top priority.”

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