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Falcon Physician is an EHR system for the nephrology sector which was developed in collaboration with practicing physicians.

The system features process lab panels, charting, e-prescriptions, hospital rounding and special navigational tools. It offers nephrology-focused clinical decision support that alerts a healthcare professional to a particular patient’s condition and highlights any abnormal lab values and results. Customizable templates include those for new patient visits, follow ups, dialysis MCP rounding, transplants, ultrasound and ESA therapy.

The system has a collaborative feature which allows any of its users to work together across practices to help answer clinical research and practice questions. The system is integrated with those of leading US dialysis centres which allows professionals access to the latest dialysis notes and treatment plans for their patients.

Entirely cloud based, the solution is available on any system through a web browser. It is marketed with an iOS and Android app which allows a user to review, sign or dispute dialysis orders and access critical patient information from most smartphones and tablets.

Falcon Physician is owned by DaVita Healthcare Partners, one of the largest kidney care companies in the US. The company was launched in 1999 with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Users of Falcon Physician include sole practitioners and multi-physician centers.

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